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Corp Pack

Financing the investment of SME in exchange of a % on the turnover of your structure.

Financing in exchange for the payment of business royalties will allow you to finance your investments likely to increase your turnover, part of which will be used to reward your investors. The contract of assignment of future revenues will avoid dilution and banking borrowing

Industries - Services
Finance your investments with or without bank leverage
Financing between 50K€ and 1,5M€.
Amortization of the financing each month by paying your investors a royalty in % of your turnover
Duration 18-60 months

How does it work?

To obtain financing we need to analyze your types of income as well as your debtors to calculate the amount.
We then create the token that will be sold to investors.
At the end of the campaign, the amount will be credited to you and you will pay back according to the schedule.


Case analysis

Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you within 48 hours to check your eligibility.



We create your token.
You define your funding target and specify the rate of return for your future investors.


Put on sale

It is offered to investors on the Tickando marketplace, on your web page and your social networks



Tickando transfers to your bank account the amount corresponding to the sale of your tokens.



On receipt of your future income (Bridge Pack) or monthly depending on your turnover (Invest Pack)

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